“Paying Our Dues”: Fundraisers

Parent page: Community
  • An annual organized “Community Effort” can-good food drive for The National Feeding Program
  • An annual organized “Going Green” Recycling Community Cleanup Project: “Adopt A Street”
  • An annual organized “Car Wash”
*The DRJ Foundation will be collaborating with other non-profit organizations throughout the Tri-County area, throughout the year, to ensure that our youth learn and gets the best experience in working with others and building long term relationships, as well as learning the importance of “Teamwork”, as opposed to individualism. Our primary mission is to get EVERYONE to “buy in”.  “No Child Left Behind”. Our Motto is “Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork” and our #1 goal is to incorporate how what you do “off the field” correlates to what you do or will do “on the field”.  It’s a Choice. It’s a “Mind-Set”. It’s a “Mentality”, which is REALITY.
*** for more info, questions , or requests, Contact via Email: drjfoundation@gmail.com or tdrjfoundation@yahoo.com

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